Big Man's Spreader

Four-point system designed to prolong your erection and strengthen your orgasm.

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Made from stretchy, durable silicone, this four-point system is designed create the ultimate support. The largest ring goes around the shaft and behind the testicles, while next ring goes around the shaft. The dual testicle rings wrap individual around each, to separate and slight constrict. While held securely your erection will last longer, prolonging ejaculation and increasing the strength of your orgasm.

Shraft ring 3.75cm  , each spreader ring 3.25cm   , base ring 5cm

Safety with penis rings -  The penis and testicles, like any part of the body requires fresh blood to stay healthy, so do not wear a penis ring for any longer than 30 minutes. If you notice any pain, numbness or flesh going pale or blue remove it straight away. Do not use a penis ring if you are diabetic, have any blood or nerve diseases or if you are taking blood-thinning medication without checking with your doctor first.

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