Sizing Advice

If you want to surprise your girl with some glamorous and sexy lingerie, then don't spoil the moment by getting her the wrong size! Size can be a sensitive issue for women, so have a look at these tips we have put together to help you avoid disaster.

If you don't know her exact size, it is best to stick to something like a babydoll gown or peignoir set which are more free flowing and often come in standard dress sizes of small, medium, large and are flattering to all body types.

Don't know what a babydoll gown or peignoir is? Read our Lingerie Glossary for descriptions of various types of lingerie.

Bras (and any lingerie that includes underwire bras) can be a bit tricky, as you will need to know her bra size - width and cup size.
  You will need to sneak a peek at her lingerie drawer - but ensure you take down the sizes of more than one bra, as she may have old or unused bras in her drawer that do not actually fit her anymore. Write down these sizes and either ask the Coco Bella staff instore or over the phone for advice, or if you are sure of her size, feel free to order in that size.

If you are buying her knickers or hosiery, look at her jeans or skirt size, as this will give you an idea of what size to order. Have a look at our Sizing Guides where you can compare her dress size to our lingerie sizing.

If you need some help on getting the correct sizing, please feel free to ask for advice from our helpful shop staff or give your nearest store a call.