Choosing Lingerie

So you would love to surprise your girl with the gift of lingerie. That's a great idea, but beware the pitfalls of buying something that does not suit her body shape, is not her style, is not her size or makes her feel uncomfortable.

Men will often buy something that THEY like, but which isn't necessarily what their partner would ever wear. So how do you know what she likes?

Firstly, look at her style and personality. Is she sporty and casual? Is she all elegance and glamour? Is she frilly and girly?

What sort of lingerie does she own? Does she have a lot of extravagant sets or just basic bras and undies?

Probably the most important thing to know (aside from her size), is how "body confident" she is. If she is relaxed with her body, then feel free to buy the most daring, risque outfit you like. Most women, however, have parts of their body they don't like and will not feel comfortable and sexy in some styles of lingerie - no matter how hot YOU thinks she looks!

  For example, a lot of women are conscious of their stomach area and may feel sexier wearing a babydoll or teddy, rather than a skimpy two piece outfit.

Some women are not happy with their behinds, so buying a g-string probably won't go down well, but an elegant pair of french knickers will impress!

Another tip when shopping for your partner - if any lingerie says "Reducing" or "Controlling" (unless this is what she prefers), women may think you are saying they are overweight!

Also, unless your partner usually wears padded bras, be aware that a sensitive woman can take it that you are not happy with the size of her breasts.

Have a look at our Lingerie Glossary to give you some ideas of what might be suitable. Once you have something in mind, take a look at our Sizing Advice guide to help you choose the right size for your girl.